March 30, 2009

10 Invetigators! WOW!

  • Elder Nixon has changed so much since the MTC. We get along really well, have fun, and work hard also. We will just play with people in the street to make them smile. I was the only one that would do that before. It is way better to have someone to help me. Elder Nixon is my District Leader. So I was demoted. Just kidding, no big deal. I'm glad I'm not Senior Companion. It was hard work. HAHAHA I also started going to the gym with Elder Nixon every morning. I was starting to get so fat. I'm losing weight already. I'm also going to look ripped I will send you pictures in six weeks.
  • On Sunday we had 10 investigators at church. That is so many!! The most I have ever had before that was like 4. 10! WOW!! It was awesome. One of which was this sweet family that Elder Talk and I met. They read the Book of Mormon every day. We are going to set them this week for baptism. I'm so excited for them. We saw them last night and they love us. They were so happy to see us at their door. It was kind of a surprise visit. It was amazing. I love making people smile.
  • Here is some news that makes me sad and I don't know what to do. Bala Krishna was confirmed on Sunday and it was amazing. Then on Monday he called us and told us that his principal had terminated his Studies. He is from a little village like 100 km away so he couldn't stay in Visak. He had to go to his village. The reason they terminated his studies is because he wasn't paying his fees. I'm really sad because there is no church in his village, and he doesn't have enough money to finish his studies here in Visak so he can't go to church and become the great member I know he can be. I'm really sad and I feel like I condemned him. Like now he can't keep the covenants that he made. I feel really bad and don't know what to do. I feel personally responsible for him. I'm very sad right now.
  • P.S. I guess I'm a little more inspired than I thought when it comes to college basketball. Most of the ones I missed I should have followed my gut. Oh well, there is always next year.

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