March 9, 2009

Bala Krishna

Well, this week was interesting. We finally got it through Bala Krishna's head what he needs to do. He finally understands I think, so he is getting baptized on March 8th. YAY!!!! I'm positive this one will go through. I'm excited for him. :) We met Bala Krishna the first day I went proselyting in Visak. We have been teaching him for a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG time. We even stopped teaching him at one point, for like two weeks, then he started coming to church. So we started again. We have given him 6 dates to be baptized and they all fell through. I think this one will work out though. I just have this feeling. Then on Sunday they split the branch. :) so now there are three branches in Visak. My area stayed pretty much the same, but I lost 2 square blocks. Guess what though, Bala Krishna lives in those two square blocks so he now is in second branch. I was kinda sad at first, but then I grew up a little and realized that it doesn't matter where he gets baptized just as long as it happens. So I'm happy. I hope he gets friends in the other branch. I'm sure he will. I will send you pictures in a couple of weeks. :)

Next letter -
Bala Krishna is being baptized this Sunday. (March 8th) The missionaries that were supposed to teach him now got sick, so we had to do everything. That's OK though, I was happy. He is the first person I have met first and taught all the way to baptism. I'm so excited for him. He is a little upset he isn't in 1st branch. He will get over it though. The last thing he said to me the last time we met "Make me in 1st branch." People think I have all power or something. I don't get it. Its funny though. Ill send you pictures next week. :)

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