May 10, 2010

Last Phone Call From India

Can you believe it?  We are 'this' close to the end of Dev's mission.  We had our last phone call from the mission field on Mother's Day.  It is always such a fun thing.  Devon is speaking with a slight Indian accent.  I am thinking that it will fade away pretty fast.  What might not go away is the speed with which he now speaks.  Maybe he will be able to get one of those jobs reciting the legal stuff at the end of commercials.  
I miss him a lot after the phone calls.  He and I have have our own little communication thing.  He was a 'daddy's' boy when he was young, but when he got to that favorite age of mine - 8-10 years old, we really developed a bond.  I miss talking to him, especially just after I get to talk to him.  But he will be home soon enough!
He seems to be quite happy and settled into the Indian way of life.  I think he may have some adjustments when he gets home.  His debriefing may take a bit longer than the first two boys' did.  
I am anxiously awaiting the 2nd of August.  That will be the auspicious day of his arrival.  Maybe we will see all of you at the airport! MM