March 9, 2009

P-Day Adventures

Today we went to Bora Caves. It is this big cave out in the middle of nowhere. It was cool, but not so awesome. We didn't really expect it to be so we weren't disappointed. I will send you some pictures next week. My camera died so it isn't really possible. Anyway. On the way up we had to drive over this big mountain. So we were in this bus and people are crazy drivers here; you have no idea. We were driving and the road is like winding almost 180 degree turns sometimes. The guy is cruising up this thing. I'm surprised we didn't tip over. I swear we were on two wheels for half the trip; its nuts. Also, there were these monkeys that were playing in the trees near the entrance of the cave and Elder Neilsen ,one of the couple missionaries, was carrying a bag with fruit and a sandwich in it and the monkeys started eyeing his bag so we were kind of nervous. Then the monkey I guess couldn't resist having this fruit and sandwich. I guess it was really hungry and it just charged and grabbed his bag and ripped a hole in it. It was crazy I was a little scared for him, but Elder Neilsen took care of himself. It was funny after it happened.

I am pretty sure this is not THE monkey, but a monkey just the same. MM

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