March 22, 2009

Looking Into the New Testement

  • Elder Talk got transferred. He is going to Kakinada. He isn't very excited. It is a village, so he isn't happy about that. My new Companion is Elder Nixon. He was my district leader in the MTC, so it should be fun. He is coming tomorrow. Fun.
  • We got some sweet new investigators the last couple of weeks I'm excited for them. We are planning to set two families for baptism this week. We'll see how it works out. We also set another guy last week. Things are looking up. We are making some progress so, that's exciting. :)
  • Well, this week I studied Acts a lot. I never really studied the New Testament that well so I thought I would do it now. It is pretty sweet. There is a lot of stuff that I didn't realize was there. A lot about the organization of the church back then and how they ordained and appointed exactly how they do it now. I think it's awesome.

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