January 13, 2010

JUNE 30th
India is amazing. I love it here. Mostly the people. Everything is basically backwards. And when I say everything I mean just about everything. Everything is crazy, but I'm used to it. So it's normal. Going back the the US will be really intense and take some getting used to. :)

JUNE 16th

This week was good for us. We are meeting with a lot of the people we met last week. They are all doing well. We had 12 people at church this Sunday, but 10 of them were late. It's ok though. There is always next week. There is one really awesome family. They love us so much. They are progressing really well. They are reading and praying and coming to church. Things just seem to be moving along. everything is going well. I love being a missionary. Nothing really exciting is happening, just the usual. I love it though.

Here is a funny story. We were in this lesson and there was a little chick running around the whole time. I was teaching a man and while I was teaching, the chicken got up on my feet. I didn't really care so much so I continued teaching. I didn't want to offend the family so I didn't kick it off. Well I finished teaching and by the time i was don't the chicken was off. Well I looked down and the stupid thing pooped on my foot. I was like what the crap!!! It was funny after the fact.