December 7, 2008

This-n-That from India

  • Everything is going great in India!!! Especially after the news that I'm going to be an uncle!!!! WAHWHOO!!!! All I have to say is its about time. HAHAH Just kidding! I'm really happy actually and I hope all goes well. I'm super excited to come home and see him or her. :) show HIM/her pictures of me so HE/she knows who I am. I think it's going to be a boy. I just have this feeling. We will see though.
  • As far as Mumbai goes, there are no missionaries in Mumbai, and I'm pretty sure that is why. There is a branch there, but no missionaries. President Nichols didn't want to send any there for some reason, and I am guessing that is why. He truly is an inspired man. I'm very happy to say he is my Mission President. I love him so much. Nothing abnormal has happened here. We just couldn't go outside for one day to be safe, but now nothing is different. All is well.
  • It's true. I eat with my hands everyday and I love it. It is so much easier. You just have to make sure your hand is clean. Oh by the way, I am making all of you do it when I get home. I already know how to cook a few Indian dishes so you will all enjoy. HAHAH
  • So a little about me. I was super sick yesterday. The first time I have really been sick in India. I seem fine today, so that's good. I must have just eaten something I shouldn't have. The couple missionaries were all worried about me, but I told them I just needed to rest and get over it. Sister Nielsen asked what she could do so I said make cookies. HAHAH Then I told her I was just joking; she just laughed. The couples are so funny. Sometimes I wonder how they survive here, but then I think of Grandma and Grandpa and I know they could survive here. They would love it here. It is an awesome place. I love it here.
  • We have this one investigator named Balu Krishna; he is so awesome. We set him for baptism, but he could only come to half of church so we need to reset him. He did read the Book of Mormon and said that it made him so happy when he read it. I love those kind of responses. It makes my life so much easier. He is still searching for his answer, so soon he will get it and be baptized. :) Hopefully I will be here. If not, oh well.
  • Here is the funny story of the week. We were walking down a main street and this beggar came and started trying to get us to give him money. We said no and kept walking. Usually beggars won't follow us. But this guy was really determined. So he followed us for ten blocks. I'm not even kidding, forever he followed us. The whole time yelling some Telugu. People were all staring at us. It was so funny. We walked so fast. Then I was like, "Oh forget it." and let him catch up. Then he started asking me for money so I pointed to Elder Talk who was like 15 feet ahead of me. The guy ran after him. It was so funny. I could barely walk I was laughing so hard. It was Hilarious.

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