December 2, 2008

I just have to take a minute and share my Mother's Heart and feelings I am having about Elder Jenks. I am so proud of him! He seems to handle everything with calm and humor. I have been in awe of him and the way he has grown and matured. I had no idea that he would turn out to be such a great missionary! Devon has always seemed like he was more interested in other things his whole life, sports, Nike, his phone and his MP3. He is truly an amazing young man. His Patriarchal Blessing says that he will be a judge in Israel. I found that kind of surprising, but now I think I was wrong. He is in only his third transfer, his second area, third companion and he is the trainer. His companion had only been there 6 weeks when Devon got him (I guess if he had been there any longer, that would not have worked. You can't have a trainer or Senior Companion who has been there less time than the Junior Companion). That is crazy. And yet, he just goes on working and learning and baptizing.
I think the thing that has impressed me the most, his exacting obedience. That is what gives me comfort. His obedience is the best safety system he can have! That is strange too, he has always tried to wiggle out of, into or otherwise push the limits his entire life!
When he left, he was terrified of speaking to people that he did not know well. He was given the subject of "weakness becoming strengths" for his "not a farewell" talk. It couldn't have been a better choice for him. Not only did it put into focus for him the ways he had been blessed already in that one area of weakness he had, but he also determined that in the success you might have with your weaknesses being made strong, you had to remain humble and realize that it is only possible with the help of the Lord. If you think it is you, it will be a weakness again. He has really put that into practice there in the mission field.

Please excuse the ramblings of a Missionary Mom, but I am so very proud of him.

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