December 28, 2008

From December 7, 2008

  • Sorry that I have fallen behind on this blog. I am sure you can guess why. I will try to get a few things in right now and then fill you in on the infamous " Christmas Phone Call"!
  • Yesterday was Zone Conference it; was so good. Every single one makes my testimony grow and grow and my assurity that President Nichols is called of God. He is so inspired. He is super smart also. He is amazing. I love him a lot he helps me so much. I am very thankful for him.
  • Most people in India can't trace their lineage past their grandparents. It's so sad. They also don't know any dates or anything. Like older people don't even know when their birthday is. They don't even know how old they are. I never knew stuff like that happened. I guess we are super blessed to live in the country we do, but at the same time lots of things are a lot better here. So I guess its a trade off. I was told to bring mine to reflect on my ancestry. I read the stories a lot actually, there are some good stories there. They are just for me though.
  • If you don't know, the family here in Twin got a new dog in November, a German Short Hair. Devon is claiming it as his dog. The dog sounds fun. Here some drunk guy tried to sell me his puppy the other night for 50 rupees (1 Dollar). I would have done it in a heart beat, but I'm not allowed. Oh well. You should train that dog. I think that would be best ;) just kidding, I'm sure you are. We are trying to train the dog, but it seems that we might have to successfully train Crayson before we can start on the dog!
  • I love being in India. You never know what to expect when you walk out the door. It is so much fun. I also don't like Americans anymore. When I see them I avoid them. It has been so long since I have spoken to an American that isn't an Elder. Going home is going to be super hard. I don't know what I am going to do. Crazy.

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