December 28, 2008

A Day in the Life

  • My typical day: I drag myself out of bed at 6:30am, which is still really hard. Then I pretend to exercise, just kidding, I usually do some sit ups and push ups for half an hour. Then I take a shower, get ready, and eat breakfast. 8:00 is personal study. 9:00 is companion study. Then we leave. We usually go finding all morning until lunch; then we eat - usually at our apartment and take a power nap. Then we usually either do more finding or have appointments until 9:00pm. Then we go back to the apartment and plan. Then eat dinner and write in my journal, and sleep. That's my day everyday :) so much fun. I love it. It probably sounds really boring, but its not; It's way awesome.
  • As for cooking I make one of three things grilled cheese, PB and J, or Cheese Omelet with toast. Sometimes we eat outside at some Indian Restaurant. We have a washer in our apartment, but no dryer. It costs too much. Shopping is interesting. What is at the store is different every week; you never know if they will have what you want. They pretty much have random things. American food they have, but its super expensive so we don't eat it. The only thing that I buy that is American is Oreos. They are the same price as any other cookie so I buy them. Oh, and Tang. Pineapple tang is the best!!! No Target or Walmart. We shop at a place called Karachiwalla. Try pronouncing that. HAHA Pretty much every store has everything like a Walmart but a lot more ghetto. :)
  • We walk mostly everywhere. We also take autos here. Our area is like a 15 minute auto ride from one side to the other. It is very small.
  • As far as our investigators - we try to teach them twice a week unless they are really progressing, then we meet with them every other day. We teach the whole lesson at once, but we usually have to teach it more than once, because we are teaching people in their second language. Member present lessons are super hard. Especially here in Visak. Members aren't interested in coming with us. We are working on that though.
  • This week has been pretty boring. Most of our investigators have been bunking our appointments, which means they don't show up. So, it has been pretty frustrating. We dropped most of our investigators and we haven't found a lot of great people; just one that will progress I think. A couple of our old investigators are doing well. They are all set for baptism in January. They mostly will be gone the rest of this month. People are just kinda super lazy here and have no desire to change. Which is really sad, because their lives could be so much better with the gospel. We are still trying and working hard. I know we will find those people that are prepared; it might just take some time. We have faith. :)

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