February 3, 2009

Starting with New Investigators

  • Well this week was pretty good I went on a lot of exchanges with the assistants and other missionaries. I think I was with Elder talk less than all the other people. It was not that great; it's weird to have a new companion for only a day. I seem to learn a lot of new things, so that is nice. I am doing better with all of our slow progressing investigators. I think I just expect everyone to progress fast. I guess I only heard the stories about all the investigators that are baptized in 3 weeks, so that's what I expected. I haven't had that experience yet. I have only dealt with really slow progressers. OH well, it will just take time. Which I have :)
  • This week was good. We found a lot of new investigators, so this week we will have to weed out all those that are interested and those that are just pretending. That is getting a lot easier though so that won't be too hard. Most I think are good. I'm excited for this week.
  • I'm glad everyone is doing well. There seems to always be a new story about Briggs every week. I find that funny. HAHAH Now just think, if you would have let me get a dog I would have trained it and everything and you would have a perfectly trained dog right now. :) maybe....
  • Thank you everything for all the emails you are the best family ever and I'm glad you don't forget me :) India is great you should all come and pick me up it would be fun. :) except I'm not so sure you could all handle it. I would take care of you though. no problem.

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