January 15, 2009

How a Branch in India Works

Do they have meetings in English in this branch?
The branch in Visak has some translation, but they really try to speak English. They are pretty good at that.
Do the youth have Seminary or Institute?
They have seminary and institute, but they are just at night time at the church. There is no way the government would ever let institute into colleges. Maybe some day.
How long have the branch leaders been members of the church?
The leaders have been members for different amounts of time. President Ratnam has been a member for like 8 years. One of the councilers has been a member for like 6 years and one for 2 years. Most of the time the leaders are members for a while. I don't think that the branch could stand if missionaries weren't here though. We are always telling people what they should do; how it works. We are trying to help them become self efficient. They are getting better.
Do thy have a full block on Sundays?
There is young women and young men and primary. They don't, however, have mutual or anything like that. It's just on Sundays.

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