June 14, 2010

Working in Chennai

  • The work is going really great.  We are being blessed to meet people that are prepared for the gospel.  This last week we met two new investigators.  The first time we taught them we set them for baptism.  :)  I don't think that has happened very often on my mission.  They are doing great.  Their names are Vikram and Kesevan.  They both just kind of walked up to us and wanted to be taught.  So we did and now they are getting baptized in two Sundays.  It's crazy.  I'm guessing this is a little what it's like in Brazil and other South American countries.  :)  
  • Chennai is awesome.  They actually have American food here.  Last Wednesday I bought ham and cheddar cheese.  The first time I have seen those since I came to India.
  • Things are going great.  My zone is awesome and they are working so hard.  We are planning for 15 baptisms this month which has never happened in the history of Chennai.  :)  Cool, huh?
  • Yesterday we had our last zone conference with President Nichols.  It was absolutely amazing.  He taught us some of the best things I have ever learned.  I don't think I fully explained to you how amazing President Nichols is.  I cant really describe what makes him the way he is, but he is so inspiring and kind.  Everything he does is for the benifit of others.  I dont think he thinks about himself all day.  I am going to miss him a lot, but I want to go visit him in Alaska and go fishing with him.  :) 

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