June 14, 2010

Finishing Up in Erode

  • We have 3 baptisms on Sunday.  It is a sweet family.  It is a mother and her two daughters.  Their father ran out on them when the youngest girl was one so about 10 years back. It is so sad.  It happens so much in India.  It bugs me.  It makes me mad actually.  Anyway, they are pretty poor, but they are very happy since they recieved the gospel.  It is awesome to see them smile whenever we visit and teach about the Gospel.  The daughters are funny.  They just barely started to warm up to us.  They are very cute, but very quiet.  It is fun to finally hear them talk.  They are a great family.  :)    I'll send pictures next week. :)  
  • DSCN9585.JPG
  • DSCN9618.JPG  JACKFRUIT  looks like giant potatoes!
  • DSCN9576.JPG    Indian birthday tradition, wiping the cake all over the birthday boy's face
  • This past week I was studying in Alma.  The stories of Ammon and Aaron.  I love those guys.  They have become my favorite stories from the Book of Mormon.  I still love the Brother of Jared,  but Ammon and Aaron are growing on me.  It so amazing to read about all that they did.  Reading about it makes me want to serve everyone I see.  It makes me want to teach the gospel to everyone.  It is crazy how the Book of Mormon does that. It's great. I think one of my favorite scriptures has become Alma 26:27.  It inspires me to keep working hard.  To stay diligent and obedient so I  can receive Gods blessings.  

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