June 14, 2010

New Area - Chennai

  • Well I got transferred.:)  to the hottest city in our mission.  Chennai.  It is also the biggest, like 14 million people or more.  I'm not really sure.  I'm going to be one of the zone leaders with Elder Shepherdson.  He is cool.  I know him.  We were together in hyderabad.  
  • As far as Chennai goes, everyone said it would be so hot, but it's not so bad.  They have lots of trees that keep things cool on the streets.  We are also having a lot of appointments so we spend most of our time inside peoples houses. It's a pretty cool city.  Everyone speaks English, so that is an upgrade.  :)  We have some good investigators, so that is always a plus.  The zone is also doing great.  The mission is working hard.  We are trying to meet our mid year goal of 300 baptisms by the end of June.  We need 79 more this month.  That has never happened, but I have confidence that we will make history.  Our zone is supposed to get 15.  It's going to happen. Things are wierd being a zone leader. There are a lot of things that need our attention and that we have to take care of.  We get so many phone calls.  In erode we probably got on average 3 per day.  Here we get like 30.  It's fun.  
  • My apartment is about the same as my last apartment. Ii'ts not bad.  Bearable for a couple months.  :)
    My companion is Elder Shepherdson.  He is awesome.  He is from Florida; his dad is an accountant.  Ironic, because that's what I want to be.  He is very organized.   Something that I can learn from him.  He is very kind and loving.  He works to meet peoples needs.  We are doing great.  
  • Oh, on Sunday (May 30th) the branch I was in in, Chennai first branch, split into two.  We are now in Chennai 3rd branch.  We have an entire branch to ourselves.  It's awesome.  We also have 4 American families in our branch.  They are awesome. We ate lunch at one of their houses on Sunday.  It was amazing to say the least.  Ham, funeral potatoes, jello, homemade bread, broccoli, chocolate cream pie, and lemon bars. It doesnt get any better than that in India.  :)  
  • This will definately be my last area unless there is a disaster.  :)  What does that mean?  Is he predicting a something? MM

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