April 5, 2010

Staying in Erode

  • This week was good. Same ole same ole. We have been trying to get 10 investigators to come to church since I came. We have had around 8 the whole time I have been here. This week we finally did it. We had 11 at church on Sunday. It was awesome. 6 of them are set with dates now. Three are being baptized on Sunday, and 3 more in April. They are all great. I'm excited for them all.
  • We had the three baptisms on Sunday. That was awesome. It was of three 16 year old best friends. They have been coming to church for over a year, but due to English and age they had to wait to be baptized.Tthey could have been baptized sooner, other elders never took the time to teach them and help them progress due to the English problem. They are awesome guys. They are so small though. It is funny. They are tiny. You'll see in the picture.
  • We have a great young couple that has been coming to church for 6 months. They have been beggng us to baptize them, but they dont know enough English. I feel pretty sad, because they know the gospel, they just can't speak enough English. However, we talked to President Nichols about them and he said that they can be baptized. So they will be baptized in April. I'm so excited for them. They have such a strong desire to do what is right, but they just couldn't, but now they can. I'ts awesome. Plus they are learning English like crazy. I cant believe how fast they are picking it up. I guess that's what the spirit can do. :)
  • I feel like Heavenly Father is blessing Erode so much. He has given them a wonderful District President that wants to help fix some of the things in the branch and he is working hard to get those things fixed. He came on Sunday and started the process. He is an awesome man. We are also finding so many great families that are progressing towards baptism that will help this branch so much. It has been so awesome to be in Erode right now. I am very thankful to have served here. I have learned a lot while I have been here. I love being a missionary and I never want to stop.
  • It's freaking hot in Erode by the way. I sweat so much.
  • Oh, my bicylce got stolen on Monday. I was so upset. I had just gotten it to work correctly too. People are dumb. now I have to ride the ghettoist bike ever. The seat is like a piece of plywood. It hurts so bad to ride. Oh well. I didn't get transferred. So I will have to bear it for at least 6 more weeks. But what to do.

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