April 12, 2010

Not Much This Week

  • This week was nice. I got nicely sunburned yesterday. I don't get it though, because we weren't even outside for very long. We were in appointments all day. The sun does weird things. :)
  • I ate Intestine Biriyani on Monday. It was terrible, but I've trained myself to eat anything and say it is good. :) That's all the interesting stuff this week, only two things. I know, it's a downer week.
  • I got your package. It was awesome to get pictures. Evrything looks a lot different than when I left. You all look older. I guess that happens when you are gone for two years. Thanks for the deodorant, it's nice. :)
  • London did ask some questions so I will answer those. Yes, I see corruption everywhere. They pay people to vote. People have to give bribes to get like their pension plans after they retire. If anyone gets pulled over they just pay off the cop and then they don't get a ticket. It's sad. I haven't seen anything about an Indian Census. It might be going on; I dont know. As far as call centers go, I knew people that worked at call centers in Hyderabad and Visak, but there are no call centers here, so I don't know anyone here. Elder Chigurupati worked at a call center before his mission. Half of the branch in Visak worked at a call center called HSBC you might have heard of it. It's a bank. Bangalore is crazy big. The whole city is basically the technology district. Hyderabad had a place called Hi-tech city, but it was kinda disappointing, a couple big buildings and that's it.

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