March 18, 2010

More From Erode

  • It wasn't the AP's in jail,  it was the office elders; but they were tracting and they went into some private property that they didnt know was private property. The man caught them and asked what they were doing.  They said they were coming from church.  The man was Hindu and didn't like that they were Christian.  He slapped one of the elders and called the cops.  They were in jail for like 4 days, but they are fine now.  No problem.  No problem?  No problem for who?  Just the thing that Mom's want to hear.  MM
  • This week has been good.  We are just working hard and trying to get things done here in Erode. We found a new family yesterday.  They have the two cutest daughters I have ever seen.  They have the biggest brown eyes.  They are so cute.  I want daughters I think.  I'm pretty sure they will get anything they want, but I want to have at least two. :)
  • Erode is amazing. I am going to miss it more than any other place. The branch is awesome. Even though it is a little disfunctional. We are baptizing some really awesome people that will help the branch so much.

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