March 10, 2010

Zone Conferencen and the Bicycles

  • So today we had zone conference. The Asia Area President came. Elder Anthony D Perkins. He did interviews for 8 elders, and I was lucky enough to be one that was interviewed. It was weird to be in an interview with a General Authority. He is way nice though. We talked for a while. He asked a lot of questions, but it was good. He talked to me about how lots of missionaries go home and get discouraged. He said to avoid that I should still always look for opportunities to serve. so I will be trying to find lots of opportunities to serve, and yes, I will start with painting your house.
  • Also another crazy thing -  his wife reminded me of you mom. It was like my mom was at zone conference. Kinda weird, but cool. They also have a son that lives, loves, and breathes soccer. :) I like him already. He lived his whole life in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. They have lived in Asia for the past 15 years. It's cool. They all know Chinese. Even all 6 of their children.
  • Anyway, it was an amazing zone conference. My spirit is just full. I'm so thankful. We talked about how the gospel blesses families, how important the Book of Mormon is, and how important it is to get families to come to church together. It just made me so thankful that all of my family is awesome and they all have strong testimonies and keep their covenants. It made me smile, because I could see the blessings the gospel has had in my family.
  • The adventure in India is still awesome. It gets better everyday. The other day Elder Cunha ran into a parked motorcycle on his cycle and tipped it over and dented it all up. It was hilarious. Thankfully the owner wasn't mad. He didnt care. Elder Cunha just wasn't paying attention.
  • No new cycle (for him), but I did get it fixed so it's bareable. A bike costs like 50 dollars. But I fixed mine so no problem.
  • I got a rock thrown at me by a little kid, but then I just scolded him in Tamil and he ran away crying. Ok, just kidding, he didn't cry, but he stopped.

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