August 15, 2010

Safe at Home

Elder Jenks is Devon again, pretty much anyway.  We have had an amazing 13 days of family and fun.   Devon arrived in Salt Lake just on time - 10:51pm.  He was tired, a little dazed and not sure what to do.   As soon as we got home, we were off to the Stake President's office for Devon to be released; always a moving and retrospective event.  Immediately following that, we went across to the Temple for a session with Devon, Ash & Ali and London & Alissa.  Aunt Charlene joined us and it was such a joy to have all of our adult children there in the Celestial room together.
The days following have been filled with family and outings.  Devon is register for classes at CSI and working for his Dad for a while.  We are thrilled to have him home and thankful for his faithful service.  This is an excerpt from the letter President Funk sent to us.

You should be very proud of your son. He has been a wonderful missionary. This is a mission of outstanding young men. We literally get the “best of the best” and he has served well, most recently as a very successful zone leader. From my brief experience with him, I can tell he is a remarkable young man.
You will notice that he has grown and matured in many ways. Though little may have changed in your lives during the past two years, much has changed in his. Thank you for the fine young man you sent to us. You will be impressed with the disciple of Christ who is returning.
Thank you for raising such a wonderful son and for his service in India.
So, I guess this is all for the blog.  I hope that you all have enjoyed being a part of Devon's mission to India.  I am sorry for the missing months, but you know what being a Mom is like.

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