April 20, 2009

Life in India

  • As far as your questions go: People normally live in a house, but a lot smaller than you would expect. Also, there are like 3 levels in each house and a different family lives in each house. I will send you some pictures next week if I can get any. The house usually consists of a 10x10 room where they have everything they need like beds, TVs, clothes. Everything. Then there is a smaller 5x5 room, which is the kitchen. Its pretty crazy. One thing I have learned here, a lot of stuff we think we need, we really don't need it. Most people don't have bathrooms. They just shower and do stuff in the street.
  • Roads are paved in the city and dirt outside the city. The streets in neighborhoods are cement. I only get out of the city if I go on exchange. My area is the center of the city, so I don't really get out much.
  • We shop at small shops and "grocery stores". If you saw the "grocery store" you would think it was a small shop so I guess you could say a small shop. When I come home and see the giant Walmarts, and Targets and Costco, I might die. I'm going to be a little perplexed and confused.
  • My apartment is pretty good. We are having water problems so that kinda stinks. We can't do laundry at our apartment, we have to do it at other Elder's apartments. Oh well, it really doesn't matter to me. It is a little old, and the couple missionaries want us to leave, but we can't find a new one. I have been trying for 6 months so yeah, it stinks. Here, they are very wary of bachelors and Americans when it comes to apartments. It's weird.

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