October 22, 2008

The Work is Going Forth

  • Today we had Zone conference. We are in Bangalore. Every other zone conference is in Bangalore. The focus was on using Preach My Gospel. I really need to do that more. I have been focused on finishing the Book of Mormon. One thing President said is that we need to use our study time for those we teach and not for ourselves. That made me think; I need to focus on those I teach when I study, not on what I want. I will work on it.
  • We set my first family for baptism on Sunday. I'm really excited for them. I don't know if it will go through or not but I am praying. It is a family of four, but only three can get baptized because the other son is only 6. The other three are set though. Elder Hansen and I found him like my first week here. He is a super guy. I'm excited. He is set for November 2nd, because in the mission we have one rule that they have to attend church for three consecutive weeks; then they can be baptized. So that will work.
  • I dont know if Ii told you this, but I saw an elephant roaming through the street for a festival. It was cool. He just walks around and people give him food and he blesses them by putting his trunk on their head. It was cool. It was a hindu elephant (that probably sounds funny) so we didnt try to feed it. They probably wouldn' t have liked us very much. HAHA I'm going to try and ride one when I go to Erode. I will send you pictures if that happens this week. In Erode there is a super poor guy that owns an elephant and people pay to get a ride. It is funny. I dont know how such a poor guy has an elephant, but I've seen wierder things in India.

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