October 2, 2008

Fun in India

  • Oh before I forget. Yesterday I got to play soccer with kids in the street. It was so much fun. We were waiting for one family that we were going to teach. The kids were just playing so I played with them. It was fun.
  • I also got a Lungi. It is pretty much a lava lava, but Indian Style. I will send pictures for you to see.
  • Girls all were things on their foreheads. Every single one of them. They just stick to their foreheads. Like little stickers. If they are Hindu. They will have a powder dot thing, I don’t know how to explain it, but it just looks like a colored powder dot on their forehead. Kinda funny looking.
  • Food is getting easier to eat. I just eat it as fast as I can and try not to taste it. It is hard sometimes. I don’t have any really nasty stories from this week. Just normal stuff.

I have been waiting for the soccer in the street. That bit warms my heart. You all know how much I loved to watch Devon play soccer. I will see about a picture of that Lungi thing. We are still waiting for the solution to the photo situation. As soon as we get something, you will be able to see! MM

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